Rental Conditions



Terms and conditions

The renter gets the bicycle clean and in proper technical and roadworthy condition and will return it in the same condition. At collection of the bicycle a copy of card of identity has to be left which will be returned when the bicycle is given back. The cleaning of the bike is done by cyclista.

Damages on the bicycle has to be reported immediately. Arising expenses for curing the damage have to be paid by the renter. Payment of rental price as well as additional services has to be made in cash and on site. Pedals are not included in rental price. If the bike is out of order in case of fall/accident of the renter, there is no right to get a free alternative bike. Proportional rents will not be refunded.

Actual rental prices are always available on our homepage and listed in our shop. Prices include taxes and duties.

In case of cancellation of a bicycle reservation until 2 months before start of rental agreement no fees will be charged, until two weeks before rental agreement 50 % of rental price has to be paid. After that full rental price has to be paid. If the bike will be returned earlier because of illness or bad weather no rental fee will be refunded, also not in case of flight changes.

Prolongation of rental period is only possible in consultation with cyclista. If the bike is not returned on time a fee of Eur 20,- will be charged - additionally to the costs of further rental days.

In case of loss or traffic accident the renter has immediately to report at the next police station. All necessary documents must be given to the renter promptly, to keep up his possible damage claims. Otherwise the renter is responsible for any possible damages.

The bicycle insurance covers damages caused by self-inflicted fall with a cost sharing of 50 euros, top carbon bikes eur 100,- per case of damage. Theft of the bicycle is not insured – also not out of a bicycle cellar. Damages of the bicycle caused by vandalism or gross fault has to be paid in full extend by the renter and are not included in the insurance. The participation on cycle races or similar activities is not allowed. Retrieving bikes which have been in an accident from police stations or elsewhere will cost Eur 50,00.


In case of loss of the bicycle the renter has to compensate for the current replacement value of the bike as well as the loss of three weeks rental income, calculated with the actual rental prices for the 3 weeks following of the event causing damage. The replacement value including the loss of income are currently:

Speedbike (Orbea, BH) Eur   990,00
Racebike Alloy (Cannondale, Trek, Orbea, Ridley) Eur 1.490,00
Racebike Carbon (Airone, Quartz, Fenix) Eur 1.990,00
Racebike Topcarbon (Synapse, Orca) Eur 2.590,00

Equipment which will not be returned or returned damaged/used has to be paid. The prices are:

Tube Eur   5,00   Computer Eur 15,00
Tyre Eur 25,00   Lock Eur 10,00
Pump Eur 15,00   Frontwheel Eur 60,00
Backwheel Eur 90,00   Saddle Eur 25,00
Handlebar Tape Eur 10,00   STI-Caps Eur 10,00
Saddlebag Eur 15,00      

Cyclista is not liable for damages that occur the renter or third parties while using the bicycle.

Usage and sportive activities with the bicycle happens at one’s own risk. Cyclista refuses explicitly any claim for recourse. We recommend the renter to conclude a liability insurance.

In spain it is required to wear helmets. We ask all cyclists to wear a helmet and to observe the spanish road traffic regulations.

For any disputes with the present contract – if there are no conflict mandatory rules – austrian law will be executed and competence of the court responsible for vienna will be agreed.