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Bicycle takeover

The renter gets the bicycle clean and in proper technical and roadworthy condition and has to return it in the same condition. The cleaning of the bike is done by cyclista.

Damages at the bicycle has to be reported immediately. Arising expenses for reparation have to be paid by the renter. Please handle with care and don´t lean the bikes (with frame, rear derailleur and sti-shifters) against wall or something similar!

Pick up service

In case of accidents or damages we don't offer pick up service. For transport back to the hotel please use public transportation, private cars or taxi.

In case of urgencies please call the international emergency number 112!

Or you try to get to the next village with a bike shop where you can get repairs. A list of shops through the island please find here.

Measures / Geometry

To prepare the ordered bicycle perfectly, please let us know the following measures in advance:

  • middle bottom bracket to top of the saddle
  • top of saddle to the middle of the handlebar

So we can save time during the handing out of the bike. If we don´t get your measurements in advance, it´s not possible in the high season (middle of february to the beginning of may) to customize the bike at the collection.

It is also not possible to change saddles in high season - please do it yourself and don´t forget the tool (allen key).


In case of cancellation of a bicycle reservation until 2 weeks before start of rental agreement 50 % of rental price has to be paid. After that full rental price has to be paid. In cases of unforeseen events and act of god, the costs of cancellation are 50% of the agreed rental fee.

If the bike is returned before termination of rental time caused to reluctance, illness, bad weather, etc. reimbursement of the rent is excluded.


Optional bicycle insurance covers damages cause  by self-inflicted fall or mishandling of the bike. Theft of the bicycle is not insured – also not the theft out of a bicycle cellar.

In case of loss or traffic accident the renter has immediately to report at the next police station. All necessary documents must be given to the renter promptly, to keep up his possible damage claims. Otherwise the renter is responsible for any possible damages.

Damages of the bicycle caused by vandalism or gross fault has to be paid in full extend by the renter and are not included in the insurance. The participation on cycle races or similar activities is not allowed.


In case of loss of the bicycle the renter is liable for 100 %. Theft must be notified immediately and a report at the police is necessary.

In case of storage in a hotel a save lock and/or video observation should be provided. we urgently advise against storing bicycles at places without those securities. Also clarify with the hotel who is responsible in case of theft!