Bike Storage



From now on it´s possible to store your own bicycles in the cyclista storage! Our services include:

  • Storage
  • Cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Insurance

The access to your bicycle is possible at following times:

  • Middle of december to beginning of june
  • Middle of september to middle of november

The storage contract includes a professional cleaning 2 times a year by the cyclista staff.

In addition to the cleaning we also check the bike, make a checklist and send it to you. If desired, we repair the defects for extra money.

The bicycle is locked safe at the storage. In case of theft (parts or total) the bicycle is insured. This insurance covers disadvantages up to the value specified. Replaced will be the current market value (maximum Eur 1.500,00).

The price for 1 year-contract is Eur 199,00 – only storage & insurance  costs Eur 149,00 for 1 year. New is the possibility of 4 months storage for Eur 79,00 and 8 months storage for Eur 119,00 - additional bike-bag is Eur 20,00.

For questions please send a mail.